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SISELY Phyto-Blanc Spot Whitening

A surprise gift (apparently it's RM1200++) 

By far the best spot whitening serum I tried. 

Applied on the same spot every day and night. By the third day, the spot develop dry skin and flake off. The spot colour is lighter already. 

It really works and it doesn't "sting" at all.  

No wonder SISLEY is loved by all the tai-tai's and celebrities. 


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GLO Laser Center : A review on Face Laser

This center makes you believe that it's a gift to live in this beauty age of technology where you can step in and get a renewed skin for just 15 minutes at a relatively affordable cost. The beautician are all in white - which makes you comfortable since it's like a very professional color.

They tell you it's relatively pain-free but it's definitely not true to say that this laser is painless. There are different settings for the laser machine and if the beautician set it to say at 0.6mm then it feels like ant bites. But if they set it at 0.8mm it’s like burning your skin with fire. There are other higher settings I have not try.

After the laser, they will use IPL light. And it “light-shock” my eyes even though there was eye cover. Read that this light promotes skin collagen production and the effect will only be seen about 1 month later. I hope this is true.

Once stepping out from the treatment room, the face looks cleaner, brighter and smooth. Laser are intensive and …

Millers Kitchen Restaurant : Casual Western in Kota Laksamana Melaka

A rather new western kitchen in Kota Laksamana area. If food + art is what you looking for, order their bread and cheese with balsamic vinegar (RM6.5), you will be wow.

This plate of carbonara (RM17.90) gets the description of “perfection” in reviews. The cream is at the right thickness, there is good portion of bacon, mushroom, and olive bites. It is quite good, though lack a bit of seasoning. They did provide salt and pepper on the table although I generally don't add salt to dishes. 
Today’s special of Irish stew served with garlic bread (RM22.5). Sometimes am skeptical about ordering specials, because it could mean the chef is trying to clear certain ingredients. And stew is a good way of masking food freshness. But I did not find that in this bowl of veg and rather fresh beef. The flavors are however more Indian spiced than Irish and no hint of wine or Guinness beer which is common in Irish stew.  
The main and good selections are the pasta and pizza and the waiters are very…

Sentidos Spanish Buffet Starhill KL

I first came to this place for ASCOPE event and tasted one of the best liver pates with fresh bread for lunch. So I took a chance with their tapas buffet with free flow alcohol for RM 108 net. However, on that day the selections were much lesser from the published menu - mainly the pricier stuff like wagyu meatball is missing.

It was a full house so the self-serving food trays were empty within half an hour. Smoked salmon is the first to disappeared. Lucky it wasn't as scary as Raya open house. The self-serves food were all pretty decent and of good quality.

The board menu food is worth the wait.

Grill lamb shoulder is perfect as it should be. Juicy, tender and smells great (the rosemary).

Bacalao is my favorite - a kind of salted cod that is a Spanish delight. Cod fish is mash with lots of potato starch topped with hot chili oil, served with hot chili oil.

Fried prawns & Seabass fillet - so-so to me but my parents loves it. It's crispy on the outside, fresh and juicy on t…